Counselling and Psychology

Mental health is an integral part of overall health. Our clinical psychologists provide the most current and effective interventions in a welcoming, professional and caring environment.

We are committed to providing our clients with effective, confidential, helpful, and compassionate counselling services,adapted to meet specific needs.

Counselling seeks to offer more than just a clinical diagnosis because there are often complex and unique reasons behind thoughts, feelings and emotions. We help our clients navigate and cope with their individual problems.
Sessions are tailor-made to suit the counselling needs of various cohesive groups, be it relatives or within a professional setting.
The goal of our counsellors is to work with you and your child toward a better understanding and resolution of their problem. Through individual and family counselling, those aged 2 through 18 get support and coping skills, in order to achieve emotional health and improved functioning. Our play therapy technique allows younger children, who often cannot communicate verbally, to express their feelings through other mediums, such as art, activities, and toys.
This arm of therapy is geared towards children and adolescents with a variety of behavioural and emotional problems including Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Depression Anxiety or Oppositional Defiant Disorder.
Through family therapy we work with our clients to develop better communication skills, more effective discipline, and better boundary setting, creating a more healthy and loving family unit.
At home family support: aimed at stabilising and strengthening vulnerable families in the comfort of their homes.
Several issues affect marriage such as lack of trust, poor communication, loss of respect, infidelity, abuse (verbal or physical), constant arguing, problematic children, addiction affect couples. Counselling helps couples understand more about their patterns of behaviour and how they affect their relationship. From there, they can learn the best way to communicate and change for the better.
This type of therapy is designed to help one work through the various stages and range of emotions one may feel after a loss. Different approaches are used for different types of grief.
Developing specific strategies to unlock hidden potential by empowering individuals to create a balanced and fulfilling life
We assume responsibility for locating, coordinating, and monitoring appropriate services for individuals in need of medical, social, or educational assistance
A workplace education and training program that raises awareness and reduces stigma around issues related to employee mental health, while building capacity for organisations to address issues more effectively, and create psychologically healthy workplaces

Opening Hours

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