Nutrition and Dietetics

We are what we eat. Food is more than just a source of energy; it is implicated in the development of certain health conditions and diseases. All metabolic processes that occur in the body require adequate nutrition.

Nutritional requirements differ amongst individuals; even within individuals, these may vary due to several factors at different points of their lives.

Body Composition Analysis

The nutrition journey at Sante-Reva begins with body composition analysis to determine what percentage of total body weight comes from fat, muscle and bone. This lays the foundation for the dietary approach to be adopted.

Nutritionist consultation

One on one discussion on individual nutrition needs, in order to optimise health and manage existing health conditions

Meal plans

Creation of detailed tailor-made menus to support treatment goals and achieve specific targets.

Nutrition home visit

Comprehensive nutrition services are offered in the comfort of one’s home. Ideal for geriatric or moribund home-bound patients.